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Five Ways to Seamlessly Incorporate Labor Savers Into Your Menu

Kitchens are busy. Whether you’re looking for help with prep work or for a way to ensure consistent flavors and experiences across locations, ingredients designed to save labor can be the key to simpler back-of-house operations. Here are five ways to incorporate some labor savings into your menu.

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What’s trending in 2024?

Check out Chef Don’s Predictions for 2024’s Hottest Flavors.

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Savor Scoop – Hispanic Flavors

Hispanic flavors have been popular on menus for years, and as trends skew toward more regional global flavors, it’s time to offer more options.

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4 Ways to Incorporate Global Toppings To Your Pizza Menu

Get global with your pizza toppings.

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Savor Scoop – Whole Grain Mustard

Whole grain mustard puts the “zing” in “amazing.”

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August Savor Scoop – Global Pizza Toppings

Pizza’s popularity only increased during the pandemic, with it’s easy deliverability and crowd-pleasing flavor. As we make our way out of quarantine, consumers are looking for healthier but indulgent options for their pizza.

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July Savor Scoop – Global Sauces

Sauces can introduce any flavor to a dish. Want to add some spice to a savory dish? Or even a sweet one? Need a pop of herbal brightness? Flavors are limitless when it comes to sauces and condiments.

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June Savor Scoop – Global Texturey Toppings

Every dish deserves to have it’s own “cherry on top.” Condiments and toppings give any dish added interest—pops of flavor, unexpected textures, and contrasting colors.

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