The Scoop » December Savor Scoop – Trends in 2022

New year. Fresh menus. Global flavors.

We always love looking ahead at what the next year is going to bring—but especially from a flavor perspective. What can we say, we love to eat!
Our very own Chef Don gave us his top predictions for the big global flavors we can expect on menus in 2022.
Tostadas column

Fire Up Those Fusion Flavors

Dishes that blend different cuisines and cultures will continue to be popular in 2022. Chef has developed recipes for several that we love, such as Mexiterranean bowls and Thai shrimp tostadas. Blending flavors and ingredients from different cuisines opens up your menu to a world of unexpected flavors and major interest for consumers. Create memorable dishes with flavor mash-ups.

Bring the Heat!

Heat is still having its moment in the sun. One-third of consumers are looking forward to trying new global foods and/or flavors this year, and 42% seek out spicy foods, according to Datassential. Throw jalapenos on anything for a spicy add-on. Slather pepper jellies or giardiniera on sandwiches to ignite taste buds. Savor is formulating several hot—and spicy—new ingredients that you’ll see in coming months.

Tricolor Jalapenos column
Peri peri column

All About Asia

Asian flavors, such as miso, yuzu, furikake, aji amarillo, shiso, sambal, peri peri, salmoriglio/agliata, chamoy (made from pickled fruit), and chintestle (a smoked chile paste), can be expected to move mainstream. You’ll see a lot of crossover with this category, with spicy Asian sauces showing up a lot on menus and on dishes from other cuisines. Savor already carries a line of Asian sauces and we’re formulating even more Asian favorites for the coming year.

While dining in vs dining out vs outdoor dining vs takeout ratios are still unpredictable, we know we’ll see flavor growth in 2022. People are still ready to explore the world via food. Bring the world to customers with global flavors.

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