Five Ways to Elevate Your Offering with Asian Ingredients

The Scoop » Five Ways to Elevate Your Offering with Asian Ingredients

Asian flavors are officially ubiquitous. The diversity of flavors and textures and how beautifully they pair with a variety of ingredients make these a no brainer for amping up menus. Add authentic, trend-forward Asian flavors to your menu with Savor’s ever-growing line of Asian ingredients.

5 reasons and way to add Asian flavors to your menu
  1. Authentic, localized Asian flavors transport customers somewhere new.
  2. Asian flavors are a great way to add flair to existing menu items.
  3. Savor’s ingredients make it easy to execute an Asian dish on a menu with little Asian influence. 
  4. Labor saving and ready to use items are abundant in Savor’s Asian offering.
  5. Savor stocks unique vegetables items like baby corn, water chestnuts, and sushi ginger—all at Dot Foods.
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Savor expanded our Asian offering a lot over the last year, including adding seaweed salad that’s ready to be used as a side, new sauces like sriracha and sambal, and cleaner, easier to use options for bamboo. We have eady-to-eat rices and Asian veggies that are hard to source. Savor’s full line of Asian ingredients are delicious, many are ready to use, and in stock at Dot Foods. Sounds like a win-win-win situation to us.

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