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Sweet. Spicy. Salty. Umami.

march asian flavors scoop column

Asian flavors are enjoying a continued spot at the top of the trends list, and are becoming even more ubiquitous on menus everywhere. Now is the perfect time to consider incorporating Asian flavors into unexpected dayparts, such as breakfast.

Incorporating new flavors into unexpected dayparts doesn’t have to be complicated. A “plus one” strategy can take a traditional breakfast burrito up a notch, such as adding a sauce or condiment. Incorporate an Asian vegetable like mukimame into a veggie scramble. Existing menu items are great candidates for reinventing into an Asian breakfast dish.

Get 10 (of the infinite) options for incorporating Asian flavors into your breakfast menu here.

Asian flavors all day.

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Chef Don predicts for trends to move more into lifestyles into 2023.

2023 is the year to lean into trends. 2022 was full of spicy, fusion, and Asian flavors. Learn more about how Chef Don predicts a deeper commitment to popular flavors and trends to turn into lifestyles this year.

1. Go all in

Consumers are looking for dishes that truly commit. “If you’re going to have a spicy chicken sandwich, make it spicy,” Chef Don advises anyone planning a menu. “Don’t worry about accommodating everyone. If you’re going to do it, do it. Go all in.”

fresh poke bowl scoop image

2. "Mocktails" are here to stay

Low- and no-alcohol drinks have gained momentum as the world adjusts to a new normal and people are taking a new focus on indulging in healthier ways.

3. Plant-based as a lifestyle

We’re also seeing that meatless and plant-based diets have left the realm of trend and have become a lifestyle for many. Consumers aren’t just looking for dishes that are more vegetable heavy. They want dishes that are all in when it comes to being meat free. Or should we say all out?

4. Familiar comfort foods with a fun twist

Chef Don sees more familiar comfort foods, like loaded fries, nachos, wings, and pizza, being a vehicle for new bold flavors in an approachable setting. Experiment with combining ubiquitous sauces, like ranch, to make something that multiplies facets of flavors.

5. North African flavors

Savor’s always on the lookout for the hottest new trends. Right now we’re on the hunt for North African flavors to expand our portfolio. Keep your eyes open this year for new additions to our pantry that will bring the rich, aromatic flavors of North Africa to your menus alongside our high quality olives and olive oils.

Loaded fries scoop image

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Use high quality juices in the kitchen to amp up recipes.

feb 2023 scoop juices column

A marinade has the power to tenderize proteins, ensure a large piece of meat is perfectly seasoned throughout, and amp up the flavors of most things. Juices provide big flavors that can be mixed and matched with any flavor you want, from sweet to savory, and can add essential acid to flavor profiles. Juices are also a fantastic ingredient for sauces and even hearty soups and stews. Savor’s new HPP juices will make your drinks shine at the bar and your recipes shine back of house.

Try all 8 flavors today.

January 2023

ItemCountry of OriginBeginning of harvestEnd of harvestUpdates
Baby CornThailandYear roundYear roundFlooding from last year has reduced yields on crops, leading farmers to focus on larger sized product. This is decreasing the availability on the 150ct sizing, while demand for this size has not waned. Supply of cut product has not been negatively affected by flooding.
Blended OilsVariesYear roundYear roundSoy and canola pricing has been on a roller coaster ride of increases and decreases. Crop numbers are solid but export trading has affected market pricing.
MushroomsHollandYear roundYear roundThe Netherlands continues to fight challenges in production costs, including tin plate, compost, and energy. Demand is strong despite cost increases.
Tuna Albacore & SkipjackThailandYear roundYear roundRising raw material costs are being countered by softening demand.
Roasted Peppers and Sweety DropsPeruTwice per yearFebruary | AugustPeru continues to struggle with higher costs of production and low crop yields which have affected continuity of supply.
AvocadoMexicoTwice per yearMarch | OctoberMexican yields are down 25-35%, creating supply challenges as we head into peak demand season in Q1. Cost increases of 25%+ are on the horizon.
Jalapeno PeppersMexicoTwice per yearAugust | JanuaryWinter crop is getting ready to begin harvest in late January. We are seeing continued themes of increased costs for of raw materials, packaging, and fertilizer.
OkraEl SalvadorMarchJuneYields are down about 30% in El Salvador, as well as Mexico. Savor's current needs are covered but we may not be able to cover additional new demand until 2024.
Onions, BlanchedChinaAprilMayThere have been no adverse effects on crop yields in China. Further ocean freight declines will make the Chinese product a more attractive option against the struggling North American crop.
PineappleThailandAprilJuneAlthough demand is softening, there is upward pressure on raw material costing due to the flooding in the past few months.
RaspberriesSerbiaJuneAugustQuality of the 2022 Serbian harvest is excellent. However, demand forecasts indicate there will not be enough good product to go around and cover 2023 demand.
PepperonciniGreece/TurkeyJulySeptemberGreece had a poor 2022 crop with production volume down 50-60%. Cost increases are now being reflected in replacement inventory costs.
Risotto & Carnaroli RiceItalyJulySeptemberItalian crop yields are down by 30% due to drought. Price increases are unavoidable.
ArtichokesPeruAugustNovemberNewly packed product is arriving from the 2022 harvest. Base costs are up 15%-20% due to labor, fertilizer, and packaging costs.
MustardFranceSeptember/OctoberYear RoundRaw material has started to flow into the producers. Shipments are on a measured pace as inventory begins to rebuild from the 2022 shortage.
Olive OilSpainOctoberFebruaryDrought has affected the entire Mediterranean growing region and particularly Spain, which is the largest tonnage producer in the world. Right now there are no indications for price declines as we move into 2023 shipments.
Green OlivesSpainOctoberJanuarySpain is working through a very difficult crop due to drought. Yields are average but the size of the olives is of concern.
Ripe OlivesMoroccoOctoberJanuaryThe most recent crop was devastated by drought, compounded by increased costs of production. Expect double digit cost increases for 2023 shipments.

Logistics Update

We are in a tale of two markets. While predictions of Trans-Pacific ocean rates falling to pre-pandemic levels over the past few months have been accurate, there are many Trans-Atlantic lanes at near record levels. However, volumes are decreasing globally and we're looking forward to additional capacity coming in 2023. More capacity will put additional downward pressure on rates at a time when demand remains weak.

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Unique. Global. Easy-to-use grains.

jan bowls column

Savor’s grains add value back of house. We have a full line of fully cooked, ready-to-eat grains, from staples like rice to popular grains like quinoa or black beans. And they’re fully stocked!

These items give customers a consistent product every time and take the guesswork out of cooking. Eliminate equipment and time with grains that are ready to portion and serve. Many of them are ready to eat, so heating is not required. Let Savor do the prep cooking, so you can focus on the details.

Get the grains your customers need.

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Savor’s cold-pressed juice extractions are made from real fruit that was picked in season, freshly squeezed, and immediately went through a high pressure process. What does that mean? This process increases shelf life while maintaining purity of flavors, purity of color, and many nutrients that would be lost by exposing the juices to heat. Well what does THAT mean? They taste like they were fresh squeezed in house. Here are a few of the ways we’re having fun with these juices in our own kitchens.

1. Marinades

Marinades are power house ingredients. Use marinades to infuse proteins and vegetables with big flavor before you even cook them. Savor’s juices combine with seasonings and spices and each other to make a marinade that will make mouths water.

hpp juice blog smoothies column

2. Smoothies

Non-alcoholic drinks are on a ton of menus right now, as people move away from alcohol but still want a special drink to sip. Smoothies fit a lot of dayparts, although they’re more often consumed in the mornings. Blend up these juices with fruits, yogurt, or nut milks for a tasty, better-for-you beverage.

3. Mini Cocktails

As people move toward more mindful drinking, they’re looking for ways to try a little of this and a little of that without too much alcohol. Flights of mini cocktails can offer ways for consumers to try a myriad of unique cocktails without committing to feeling poorly the next day. Showcase your mixologists’ skills with mini cocktails.

hpp juice blog mocktails column image

4. Mocktails

The taste of alcohol can cover lower-quality juice. But when you take the alcohol out of a cocktail, every ingredient needs to be on point to make a delightful mocktail. These juices are always made from fruit at the peak of freshness and are guaranteed to mix a delicious mocktail.

5. Sauces

Fruity sauces are a great complement to a variety of dishes, from a classic piccata to a sauce for a tropical take on a pork or seafood taco.

5 benefits to using Savor’s HPP juices instead of squeezing your own

hpp juice blog icon-22

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Bold. Flavorful. Light.

nov healthy eating column

Better-for-you and bland don’t go hand in hand. Global flavors offer light alternatives with big flavor. Ancient grains and riced cauliflower are nutrient power houses for bowls or for topping salads. Sauces and condiments can add a lot of wow without a lot of weight. And vegetables are still showing up as one of the most popular menu items. Mix up your healthier menus by trying different preparations, such as roasting, or incorporate healthy fats such as avocado in place of ingredients like mayonnaise. Keep customers coming back with new takes on your menu for the new year.

Explore Savor’s lighter side.

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Spicy flavors are on-trend and easy to add to a variety of menus. Here are some ideas to get your spicy-forward inspiration flowing.

1. Spicy Pizza Toppings

Spice up your pizzas with some fun global ingredients. Add a layer of bomba sauce or giardiniera to your pizza under the cheese for a crunchy, vegetable-forward spicy surprise. Add jalapeños or pepperoncinis to add brine and spice with other classic toppings. Or try an unexpected twist by swapping out classic chili flakes with Korean chili flakes.


2. Spicy French Fries

Fries are the perfect vehicle for a dusting of spicy flavors. Seasonings are a great way to add flavor to French fries and leave space for layering of flavors with additional sauces and dips.

Pair Savor's chili lime seasoning with queso or a jalapeno crema. Aleppo adds a hint of subtle spicy smokiness. Mix and match flavors for spice and depth of flavor.


3. Spicy Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is a perfect dish for experimenting and having fun. The familiar, comforting combo of creamy cheese and well-cooked pasta is ready to deliver unexpected and unique flavors to adventurous diners.

Add depths of flavor and unique experiences in each bite by mixing up where you add flavors. Incorporate vegetables, sauces, or spreads into the dish itself, such as bomba sauce, giardiniera, or even jalapenos to the cheese sauce. Sprinkle crispy onions and a dusting of spicy seasoning on the top for crispy crunch and punches of flavor. Macaroni cheese is creamy and smooth and ready to be popped up with spicy global flavors.

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