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November Savor Scoop – A Healthy Start

Bold. Flavorful. Light. Start the year with light and flavorful global flavors.

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3 Paths (of Many) to a Spicier Menu

Spicy flavors are on-trend and easy to add to a variety of menus. Here are some ideas to get your spicy-forward inspiration flowing.

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5 Ways To Incorporate Calabrian Peppers Into Your Menu

Calabrian peppers and Bomba du Calabrese calabrian pepper spread add unexpected flavor to menus. Here are 5 ways to incorporate Calabrian peppers into your menu.

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September Savor Scoop – Elevated Steak Sauces

Spicy. Herby. Umami. Explore endless possibilities and elevate classic steaks with global sauces.

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August Savor Scoop – Global Dips

Shareable, spreadable, to-go-able. Help customers build global dips consumers will love.

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July Savor Scoop – Global Flavors for the Holidays

Global flavors add glamor to traditional holiday menus. Explore global plus ones today.

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June Savor Scoop – Snacks and Shareables

Global flavors are the perfect match for snackable shareables.

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May Savor Scoop – Dipping Sauces

Sauce it up with Savor Imports.

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