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Five Ways to Spice Up Summer Dishes

In the past few years, spicy ingredients have exploded into mainstream menus, adding pizzazz to traditional dishes. This year, the spicy trend remains ever-popular, with Datassential reporting that 70% of restaurants include spicy dishes on their menu. Read on for five ideas to spice up your summer dishes.

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Complement cookouts with global flavors

Global flavors have permeated dayparts and cuisine types and it’s time for their moment in the sun. Literally. Summer is the season for bright flavors and the unique joy of dining al fresco.

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8 Ways to Incorporate Asian Condiments Into Your Menu

Savor has a variety of Asian ingredients ready to be added to whatever you’re already serving up. Here are 8 ideas for adding Asian-inspired flavors to your menu.

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Five Ways to Elevate Your Offering with Asian Ingredients

Asian flavors are officially ubiquitous. The diversity of flavors and textures and how beautifully they pair with a variety of ingredients make these a no brainer for amping up menus.

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Five Ways to Seamlessly Incorporate Labor Savers Into Your Menu

Kitchens are busy. Whether you’re looking for help with prep work or for a way to ensure consistent flavors and experiences across locations, ingredients designed to save labor can be the key to simpler back-of-house operations. Here are five ways to incorporate some labor savings into your menu.

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Savor Scoop – Hispanic Flavors

Hispanic flavors have been popular on menus for years, and as trends skew toward more regional global flavors, it’s time to offer more options.

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4 Ways to Incorporate Global Toppings To Your Pizza Menu

Get global with your pizza toppings.

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Savor Scoop – Whole Grain Mustard

Whole grain mustard puts the “zing” in “amazing.”

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