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Global flavors have permeated dayparts and cuisine types and it’s time for their moment in the sun. Literally. Summer is the season for bright flavors and the unique joy of dining al fresco. Flavorful ingredients on your plate and sunshine on your hair is a unique experience that we, at least those of us in the Midwest, only get to savor in the summer. Imported ingredients are a versatile way to add new and unexpected flavors to traditional summer favorites like grilled meats and cold salads.

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Capture that cookout feel with a cold quinoa salad with tomatoes and herby chimichurri. Amp up hamburgers and hot dogs with the bright flavor of pickled peppers. Caramelized onions add sweetness and umami to these classic summer sandwiches as well. Condiments can really add wow without adding a lot of work.

Introduce the lovely flavor of fire roasting and sweet summer corn to any menu with ready-to-eat fire roasted sweet corn. Savor also carries roasted poblanos that would be delicious on a burger with our avocado pulp and salsa roja. Savor the season of summer with Savor Imports.

Savor’s ingredients are all available via Dot Foods on your next truck. Amp up your menu today.

Global ingredients for the grill