8 Ways to Incorporate Asian Condiments Into Your Menu

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Datassentials rates Asian flavors as a 69 menu versatility score and a 99 food versatility score. What does that mean for you? It means Asian flavors go with pretty much everything. One of the simplest ways to amp up a menu is a plus one strategy. One ingredient can change the flavor profile of a menu item and add excitement and interest to a tried-and-true menu. Savor has a variety of Asian ingredients ready to be added to whatever you’re already serving up. Here are 8 ideas for adding Asian-inspired flavors to your menu.
1. Sure, we’ve all partaken of the bottle of sriracha gracing the table at our favorite Asian or brunch place. But have you ever used it as a marinade? Slather it on chicken, skewer it up, and fire it up on a flame for a slightly spicy, super tasty salad or bowl topper.
2. Sambal packs big flavors thanks to the pickled chilies in it. This thick paste adds tang and spice to sauces and stews. 
3. Crunchy garlic with chili oil goes with anything. Stir it into a dumpling sauce. Drizzle it on a pizza. Eat it with a spoon. We’re not judging.
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4. Sweet chili is indispensable when you’re making a crispy crunchy appetizer. Egg rolls, crab rangoon, and potstickers all love a little sweet chili.
5. Sesame oil imparts big flavor, and ours is the best. Certain members of the Savor team have been known to sip it straight. It’s that good. Try drizzling a small amount on fish, vegetables, or even a salad to add Asian flavor.
6. Gochujang paste is fermented, making it spicy, sweet, and savory, all in one go-chujang. This Korean chili paste works well in sauces and marinades.
7. Korean BBQ sauce is made with soy sauce as a base, making it fantastic as a marinade. Want thoroughly seasoned, flavorful meats? Try marinating in some Korean BBQ and finishing off your bowl, stir fry, or protein with a little drizzle of it as well.
8. Crispy onions are most commonly used on sushi rolls, but they can add crunch and texture to other items. Try incorporating them into the breading of a protein or veggie, sprinkling them on a salad, or topping a bowl packed with other Asian flavors with them.
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Did that get the wheels turning? Asian flavors incorporate easily into a variety of menus and Savor’s are easy to get and even easier to use. How are you going to one up yourself with Asian flavors?

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