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Spicy. Smokey. Sweet.

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Hispanic flavors have been popular on menus for years, and as trends skew toward more regional global flavors, it’s time to offer more options. Hispanic flavors are a blend of sweet, smokey, spicy, rich flavors that shine on proteins, vegetables, and more. 

Try featuring flavorful poblano peppers in addition to classic bell pepper and onion blends. Incorporate black beans in addition to a basic refried bean. A show-stopping sauce, like mole, is a quick way to jazz up a simple offering. Adding more unique Hispanic ingredients to more known dishes keeps menus approachable but interesting. Chef Don likes to incorporate multiple trends into a single dish, like a taco featuring mushrooms marinated in mole and served with fresh greens and a chimichurri sauce. Hispanic flavors are great as an offering on a menu or featured in a trend-forward mashup. How will you add more Hispanic flavors to your menu today?

Unique Hispanic Ingredients