3 Paths (of Many) to a Spicier Menu

The Scoop » 3 Paths (of Many) to a Spicier Menu

Spicy flavors are on-trend and easy to add to a variety of menus. Here are some ideas to get your spicy-forward inspiration flowing.

1. Spicy Pizza Toppings

Spice up your pizzas with some fun global ingredients. Add a layer of bomba sauce or giardiniera to your pizza under the cheese for a crunchy, vegetable-forward spicy surprise. Add jalapeños or pepperoncinis to add brine and spice with other classic toppings. Or try an unexpected twist by swapping out classic chili flakes with Korean chili flakes.


2. Spicy French Fries

Fries are the perfect vehicle for a dusting of spicy flavors. Seasonings are a great way to add flavor to French fries and leave space for layering of flavors with additional sauces and dips.

Pair Savor's chili lime seasoning with queso or a jalapeno crema. Aleppo adds a hint of subtle spicy smokiness. Mix and match flavors for spice and depth of flavor.


3. Spicy Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is a perfect dish for experimenting and having fun. The familiar, comforting combo of creamy cheese and well-cooked pasta is ready to deliver unexpected and unique flavors to adventurous diners.

Add depths of flavor and unique experiences in each bite by mixing up where you add flavors. Incorporate vegetables, sauces, or spreads into the dish itself, such as bomba sauce, giardiniera, or even jalapenos to the cheese sauce. Sprinkle crispy onions and a dusting of spicy seasoning on the top for crispy crunch and punches of flavor. Macaroni cheese is creamy and smooth and ready to be popped up with spicy global flavors.

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