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Creamy avocado. Bright pickled red onions. Flavorful seasonings.

oct scoop avocado toast column
Avocado toast continues to grace menus, and restaurants are getting more and more adventurous with the dish. Use a beautiful piece of bread and creamy avocado as a canvas for big, bold, global flavors. Add tahini and za’atar for Mediterranean flair. Mexican flavors like poblanos, corn, and onions are right at home with avocado. Sprinkle everything bagel seasoning on top to tie your toast to another popular breakfast favorite. Avocado’s rich creaminess pairs well with flavors from across the globe. Transport customers with a reimagined, familiar favorite by adding global flavors to avocado toast.
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Add spice with gochujang. Add interest with za’atar. Make your breakfast menu global.

sep scoop zaatar column
Breakfast dishes are a big opportunity for growing menus in multiple ways—increasing to-go options during breakfast and adding unexpected dishes to other dayparts. Reinvigorate your breakfast menu through a few simple tweaks. Try adding a new sauce or condiment to give a new flavor to an existing dish, like pickled red onions on breakfast tacos or a za’atar-spiced hollandaise for eggs benedict. Add yellow oven roasted tomatoes to shakshouka for an egg dish that spans dayparts but gives your customers an unexpected pop of color and twist on a classic. Offer breakfast for dinner, or find the perfect way to make breakfast favorites ready to eat on the go.
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Add global flair to any breakfast dish with Savor Imports.

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Trend-forward. Vegetable-forward. Always delicious.

aug savor scoop column
Pizza’s popularity only increased during the pandemic, with it’s easy deliverability and crowd-pleasing flavor. As we make our way out of quarantine, consumers are looking for healthier but indulgent options for their pizza. They are looking for new-to-pizza flavors, like Asian sauces, and healthier options, like vegetable-forward options. Try peanut sauce or sweet chili sauce as a post-bake drizzle for added flavor. Add texture, flavor, and a healthy element with avocado or guacamole. Add less common vegetables like zucchini, fire-roasted corn, or poblano peppers for a vegetable-forward ingredient list they won’t see on other menus.
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Spicy. Creamy. Bright. Versatile.

global sauces column
Sauces can introduce any flavor to a dish. Want to add some spice to a savory dish? Or even a sweet one? Need a pop of herbal brightness? Flavors are limitless when it comes to sauces and condiments. Adding a trendy flavor, like truffle oil, is a simple way to elevate a dish without increasing labor or adding a lot of new ingredients to your pantry. Try gochujang for a global twist on spicing up a dish. A bit of cookie butter can take a dessert from classic to craveable.
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Elevate dishes in a simple way with Savor's global sauces.

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Crispy. Crunchy. Packed with flavor.

global toppings column
Every dish deserves to have it’s own “cherry on top.” Condiments and toppings give any dish added interest—pops of flavor, unexpected textures, and contrasting colors. Try adding toppings to to-go dishes to improve long-term texture and add excitement to boring takeout containers. Try crispy onions for a sweet and salty crunch, or pickled red onions for a briney crispness. Capers add pops of texture and floral notes. Olives can add great color with a unique texture.
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Add unexpected textures to go-to items.

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Healthy. On trend. Flavorful.

May plant forward_Asian food bowl_Pexel
Plant-based meals have been popular for a few years, and unique global flavors are becoming more and more sought after. There is no shortage of international plant-forward dishes, and their cooking techniques and flavors are perfect for creating a memorable dish. Building flavors is especially important with vegetables, and layering ingredients and cooking techniques can help you create a big, bold vegetable-centric dish.
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Savor has the global vegetables, sauces, and seasonings you need.

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Classic. Good to go. Versatile.

april sandwich column
Pandemic challenges have lead to menu innovations better suited to takeout and delivery. Cold sandwiches have been a natural addition to many menus, with their portability and classic popularity. Cold sandwiches are also the perfect canvas for introducing trendy and global flavors. Add an unexpected sauce to a classic favorite like a club sandwich. Swap traditional ingredients, like raw red onions, with a pickled version.
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Add Savor's global ingredients to your cold sandwiches.

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Creamy. Flavorful. Versatile.

Pesto hummus column
Hummus is a classic Mediterranean blend of chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, and seasonings that pairs well with many flavors and works during any day part. It can be used as a side or snack with pita. Pair it with diced veggies and a lamb kofta. Add it to a grain bowl for a rich, healthy addition. Serve it classically flavored—with lemon juice, garlic, and salt—or use it as a flavor vehicle itself, from spicy to savory. Mix in za’atar, everything bagel seasoning, or chimichurri for a hummus that is unique to your menu. Hummus’s velvety, creamy texture pairs well with bold global flavors, and can add healthy versatility to your menu.
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Empanadas. Turnovers. Samosas. Kolaches. Jianbing.

feb handpies column
Nearly every culture has a dish that falls into the category of hand pies, and why wouldn’t they? Hand pies are versatile, compact, travel well, and are easy to eat on the go. With dining rooms still closed or operating at limited capacity across the world, it’s a great time to introduce a dish designed to be eaten in your car, at your desk, or on the go. Both the pastries and the filling can be sweet, savory, or a combination of big flavors. Pair bold cheeses and sweet fruits, or bright sauces with savory cuts of meat. Incorporate classic combinations, like buffalo sauce and chicken, or think outside the box with global sauces and unexpected combinations of vegetables. Play with shape and size to create a memorable experience for your customers.
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Juicy. Tender. Crunchy. Golden. Flavorful.

Fried chicken sandwich column
It has been more than a year since Popeye’s chicken sandwich took the country by storm, but it set off a trend landslide that has proved to have serious staying power. Already in 2021, several national concepts have launched their own version of this classic sandwich. But fear not, there’s still plenty of room to play with this dish. Garnishes, sauces, and even marinades can take a chicken sandwich to the next level. Play with pickled flavors, like pickled red onions, or global flavors, such as gochujang. Try adding less familiar flavors, such as chimichurri, to this familiar sandwich to offer customers a safe way to try something new.
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Savor has the global plus ones you need to make your chicken sandwich stand out.