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Global flavors make share-worthy dips.

aug scoop 2022 column

The Savor team gets a lot of joy from sharing meals. The pandemic put a damper on our habits of sharing appetizers, entrees, desserts—basically everything. But as conditions improve we’ve started to share our joy again by sharing our food.

Dips are a great way to add unique global flavors to menus without adding complicated processes. Many dips are as simple as stirring the ingredients together and serving, especially if you use precooked, preseasoned, or premade ingredients. Savor’s vegetables pair perfectly with cheese as a creamy warm dip, as is with a crusty French bread, or mixed and matched to build a charcuterie board or three dip, three dippable small plate.

A dip is the perfect opportunity to add trends to menus—global flavors, vegetables, spice, and more—in a simple-to-execute format. Learn how some concepts are dipping into global flavors here.

Shareable, spreadable, to-go-able.
Help customers build global dips consumers will love.

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Holidays are more memorable with global flavors.

july scoop column
Holiday limited time offers can add decadence and warmth to menus, especially when you incorporate some unique global flavors. Butternut squash makes a vegetable-forward, soul warming soup or ravioli filling. Pair brussels sprouts, a creamy sauce, and crispy, crunchy, slightly salty onions for an elevated side dish. Add truffle to pizzas, pastas, French fries, and more for an earthy flavor that will have customers coming back before it’s too late. The possibilities are endless.
Holiday LTOs don’t have to be complicated. Savor's full pantry is available via Dot in as little as one case in as little as two to four days from order date.

Explore Savor items to feature during the holiday season.

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Shareable. Snackable. Scrumptious. Satisfying.

june scoop column
As the world opens back up, however slowly, options for once again sharing food and sharing the world grow. Global flavors are the perfect match for shareable, snackable menu additions. Global sauces add wow to appetizers. Authentic olives complete charcuterie boards. Small plates with simple to use ingredients will wow customers without complicating back of house. Customers want easy-to-share, delectable, interesting dishes. Global flavors give you that.
Learn more about what some concepts are doing here.

Savor has the global plus ones your menu needs.

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Spicy. Saucy. Sensational.

may 2022 scoop column Image
Consumers are challenging themselves to heat things up on their plates. Asian sauces are one of our favorite trend-forward sauce options that are endlessly versatile and can be set aflame with the right additions. Savor’s Chef Don is constantly getting creative with blends of premade sauces that create a unique experience for diners but don’t overcomplicate recipes. Give customers adventure with spicy sauces.
Learn more about how some concepts are utilizing their own special sauce here.

Sauce it up with Savor Imports.

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Satisfy two cravings with one dish with Mexican comfort food

April Scoop Mex food column
Decadent, delicious, complex dishes are a staple of Mexican cuisine. Birria tacos are sweeping menus, and for good reason. Americans are still hungry for comfort foods that transport them across the world. Mexican is an enduring favorite, appearing on more than 20% of menus for the last decade, according to Datassentials.
Learn more about how chefs everywhere are having fun exploring regional and local cuisines of Mexico here.

Savor has the classic Mexican flavors you need.

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Help customers travel the world together with charcuterie

March Scoop Column Charcuterie
People have been dining on charcuterie for centuries, and these boards were gaining in popularity prior to the pandemic. The need for dishes that travel well but still give customers a restaurant feel sped that rise to fame. They are an easily-portable, fun-to-share menu addition. They are simple to tailor to tastes and diet types, and a great opportunity to delight customers with new-to-them flavors. Add global sauces as a dip for a crusty bread or spread for a DIY cheese and cracker sandwich. Add crunch with tiny cornichons—classic French pickles. Feature artichokes and olives for big flavor that compliments meats and cheeses.
Get some quick tips for putting together a crowd-pleasing charcuterie board here.
Get an in depth look at what some concepts are doing here.

Champion your charcuterie board with global add ons.

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Warm. Comforting. Noodley.

feb 2022 scoop noodles column
Nothing matches the warm-up power of a big bowl of broth and noodles. Classic chicken noodle is the go-to staple here in the US, but you don’t have to look hard to find dishes that are just as comforting, and just as classic, if maybe to another culture. It’s no surprise the world is turning to these comfort foods in these uncertain times. Noodle dishes can transport you to Asia or Italy. They can be spicy, sour, or packed with umami. Vegetabley? Brothy? The options are endless, and ready to be filled with the intrigue of global flavors.

Build the perfect noodle dish with Savor Imports.

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Layers and layers of global flavors

How to build the perfect bowl:

jan bowls rice

Start with a perfectly cooked base

Try grains, legumes, or riced vegetables. Take the guesswork out of batch cooking, reduce waste, and save time and labor with Savor’s bowl bases, like red quinoa, white rice, and black beans.

jan bowls peppers

Layer on the flavor

This is where you add protein, veggies, and most importantly, layers and layers of flavors. Consumers want layers of texture and flavor that complement the base ingredient and provide the balanced nutritional profile.

jan bowls sauce

Add the finishing touch

Who doesn’t want a little extra something on their dish? Condiments can take a bowl over the top. Try peppers for spicy crunch, sauces for pops of flavor, crispy onions for a salty flavor and light and airy texture, and more.

jan bowls column

Global flavors are a unique way to add an extra layer of flavor or texture to a bowl while keeping it approachable for customers. Savor is powered by Dot, meaning you can get as little as one case on your next order for most items. Give your customers the unique ingredients they want without complicating your ordering process or supply chain. See how Savor builds the perfect breakfast bowl with this video.

Learn how some concepts who are perfecting the bowl here.

Build your bowl with Savor's imports.

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New year. Fresh menus. Global flavors.

We always love looking ahead at what the next year is going to bring—but especially from a flavor perspective. What can we say, we love to eat!
Our very own Chef Don gave us his top predictions for the big global flavors we can expect on menus in 2022.
Tostadas column

Fire Up Those Fusion Flavors

Dishes that blend different cuisines and cultures will continue to be popular in 2022. Chef has developed recipes for several that we love, such as Mexiterranean bowls and Thai shrimp tostadas. Blending flavors and ingredients from different cuisines opens up your menu to a world of unexpected flavors and major interest for consumers. Create memorable dishes with flavor mash-ups.

Bring the Heat!

Heat is still having its moment in the sun. One-third of consumers are looking forward to trying new global foods and/or flavors this year, and 42% seek out spicy foods, according to Datassential. Throw jalapenos on anything for a spicy add-on. Slather pepper jellies or giardiniera on sandwiches to ignite taste buds. Savor is formulating several hot—and spicy—new ingredients that you’ll see in coming months.

Tricolor Jalapenos column
Peri peri column

All About Asia

Asian flavors, such as miso, yuzu, furikake, aji amarillo, shiso, sambal, peri peri, salmoriglio/agliata, chamoy (made from pickled fruit), and chintestle (a smoked chile paste), can be expected to move mainstream. You’ll see a lot of crossover with this category, with spicy Asian sauces showing up a lot on menus and on dishes from other cuisines. Savor already carries a line of Asian sauces and we’re formulating even more Asian favorites for the coming year.

While dining in vs dining out vs outdoor dining vs takeout ratios are still unpredictable, we know we’ll see flavor growth in 2022. People are still ready to explore the world via food. Bring the world to customers with global flavors.

New year, new menu? Shop Savor’s pantry now!

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Toasty tahini. Spicy gochujang. Big bold global seasonings.

Nov Scoop Breakfast column
Traditional breakfast foods are creeping into other dayparts, so why shouldn’t other dayparts make their way onto the breakfast plate? Wake up your menu with global condiments and sauces. Make your own tahini-based sauce with global flavors for bowls, tacos, omelets, and more. Creamy avocado and guacamole complement sandwiches and all the classic breakfast flavors your customers love. Global hot sauces add zip to any dish with little effort.
Learn how some concepts are waking customers up with global flavors here.

Start your day with Savor's imports.