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april sandwich column
Pandemic challenges have lead to menu innovations better suited to takeout and delivery. Cold sandwiches have been a natural addition to many menus, with their portability and classic popularity. Cold sandwiches are also the perfect canvas for introducing trendy and global flavors. Add an unexpected sauce to a classic favorite like a club sandwich. Swap traditional ingredients, like raw red onions, with a pickled version.
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April 2021

ItemCountry of OriginBeginning of harvestEnd of harvestReport Quarter
Baby CornThailandYear roundYear roundSupply is unstable due to farmers turning focus to higher revenue crops. Additionally, cost of packaging and appreciation of the Thai baht will add to higher landed costs.
Tuna AlbacoreThailandYear roundYear roundCatch rates continue to be less than expected. Pricing will rise slightly.
Tuna SkipjackThailandYear roundYear roundCatch rates continue to be less than expected. Pricing will rise slightly.
PineappleThailandAprJunSupply is increasing but not yet to normal levels. There is a concern of higher nitrate levels due to over-fertilization, leading some farmers to harvest not-yet-ripe fruit. Additionally, the Thai baht is appreciating relative to US dollar. We do not expect landed costs to lower for another two quarters.
QuinoaPeruMayJunWhile we had previously expected weather would only delay harvest time, we now know that it will also weaken harvest yields by 30%, particularly red quinoa.
AvocadoMexicoTwice per yearMar/OctFruit prices will accelerate past expected pricing early this year and summer fruit costs will be evident much earlier than previously thought. Price should soften and moderate with harvest in September and reduced reliance on Flora Loca from off season bloom. Transportation to the US border is still an issue with truck shortage causing increased delivery costs.
MangoMexicoJunAug2020 Mexican crop fell short of expectations due to issues with fruit maturity. Improved outlook for new 2021 crop in June.
Arborio/ Carnaroli RiceItalyJulAugRaw material costs have stabilized.
Olive OilSpainNovMarAlthough Spanish production has rebounded compared to last year, the declines in production from Italy, Greece, Tunisia, and Portugal will overshadow Spain’s increases. Meanwhile, consumption and exports have remained strong. Expect continued rising prices.
Manzanilla OlivesSpainOctDecThe final harvest data for 2020 yielded a slight increase from 2019 but with smaller fruit which has resulted in higher prices. Another factor that explains the higher prices is the increase of the Spanish retail market demand due to COVID confinement. This has compensated the lower demand from the US and the foodservice market in Spain because 50% of the production is used for the Spanish retail market.
Queen OlivesSpainOctFebThe final size of the crop is average in kilos and smaller in fruit size. Even though demand has been very low, the market is beginning to show an uptick in demand.
ArtichokesPeruJulOctFirst plantings for 2021 crop have started. Crop should be similar to 2020 in terms of yield. Cost increases are coming due to rising costs of packaging, labor, and ingredients such as citric and ascorbic acid.
ArtichokesSpainFebAprilCrop is delayed with less volume yield. Appreciation of the euro against the US dollar continues to be a challenge.
MushroomsHollandYear roundYear roundExpect cost increases. Demand for product is high. Cost increases are being felt due to key factors such as energy, tin plate, raw ingredient costs, and appreciation of the euro against the US dollar.
Bamboo ShootsChinaJulyAugBamboo crop yields are down. Packaging and Chinese yuan appreciation against the US dollar will also contribute to higher landed costs.
EdamameChinaJulyNovSupply and pricing are stable. Other factors of concern­—currency, packaging and freight—will not adversely affect us due to our contracted pricing.
Marcona AlmondsSpainAugOctExpect price escalation due to frost that hit Spain in early March.
RaspberriesSerbiaJulySeptEurope is completely empty with new season coming in 12-15 weeks. Demand for all frozen items has increased at least 30% and will remain as such for another year. Expect higher prices.
RhubarbPolandJuneJulyPoland had a good winter and growers are very optimistic about crop yield, hoping for stable supply and pricing that will meet increased demand.
Roasted Red PeppersPeruFebMayPepper crops are running well with no major issues that affect the product availability. Anticipate costs increases as we move further into 2021. These cost increases are due to mandated wage adjustments in Peru and shipping costs.
White and Red VinegarVarious countriesYear roundYear roundRetail demand has sky rocketed creating shortages for foodservice. Several of the largest US producers do not anticípate supply and demand stabilizing until mid to late summer.
Balsamic VinegarItalyYear roundYear roundThere will be price increases across the board due to base raw material costs and appreciation of the euro against the US dollar.

Logisitics Update


As we head into the second quarter, the ocean liner shipping industry continues to face unprecedented heavy port congestion, equipment imbalances, and vessel delays worldwide.  We anticipate the worldwide congestion, capacity limitations, and surging fuel costs combined with the US dollar stabilization to translate as increases in transportation costs and operational expenses in the second quarter. 

The good news is, we’re beginning to see the first signs of congestion loosening up at the ports of Los Angeles /Long Beach as well as major China ports. We believe we can expect to see a return to “normal” shipping schedules and capacity by the end of Q3, and spot market ocean rates receding by the end of the year.

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Pesto hummus column
Hummus is a classic Mediterranean blend of chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, and seasonings that pairs well with many flavors and works during any day part. It can be used as a side or snack with pita. Pair it with diced veggies and a lamb kofta. Add it to a grain bowl for a rich, healthy addition. Serve it classically flavored—with lemon juice, garlic, and salt—or use it as a flavor vehicle itself, from spicy to savory. Mix in za’atar, everything bagel seasoning, or chimichurri for a hummus that is unique to your menu. Hummus’s velvety, creamy texture pairs well with bold global flavors, and can add healthy versatility to your menu.
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Empanadas. Turnovers. Samosas. Kolaches. Jianbing.

feb handpies column
Nearly every culture has a dish that falls into the category of hand pies, and why wouldn’t they? Hand pies are versatile, compact, travel well, and are easy to eat on the go. With dining rooms still closed or operating at limited capacity across the world, it’s a great time to introduce a dish designed to be eaten in your car, at your desk, or on the go. Both the pastries and the filling can be sweet, savory, or a combination of big flavors. Pair bold cheeses and sweet fruits, or bright sauces with savory cuts of meat. Incorporate classic combinations, like buffalo sauce and chicken, or think outside the box with global sauces and unexpected combinations of vegetables. Play with shape and size to create a memorable experience for your customers.
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Fried chicken sandwich column
It has been more than a year since Popeye’s chicken sandwich took the country by storm, but it set off a trend landslide that has proved to have serious staying power. Already in 2021, several national concepts have launched their own version of this classic sandwich. But fear not, there’s still plenty of room to play with this dish. Garnishes, sauces, and even marinades can take a chicken sandwich to the next level. Play with pickled flavors, like pickled red onions, or global flavors, such as gochujang. Try adding less familiar flavors, such as chimichurri, to this familiar sandwich to offer customers a safe way to try something new.
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January 2021

ItemCountry of OriginBeginning of harvestEnd of harvestReport Quarter
Baby CornThailandYear roundYear roundSupply and harvest are steady for this year round-item. No significant adverse conditions are plaguing harvest and production.
Tuna AlbacoreThailandYear roundYear roundSupply and pricing are stable. No significant adverse conditions are plaguing supply and production.
Tuna SkipjackThailandYear roundYear roundCatch rates on skipjack have been less than expected. This is unfortunate as we head into Lent season. Pricing will rise slightly.
Onions BlanchedChinaAprMaySupply and pricing are stable. No significant adverse conditions are plaguing supply and production.
PineappleThailandAprJunPineapple raw materials remain low. Encouraging news is that the winter crop is yielding better than the summer crop. Still we have quite a way to go, as we continue to face high pricing, low raw materials, and weakened demand.
QuinoaPeruMayJunCrop yields are expected to remain strong. There is a possiblity of a 30-day delay in harvest due to lack of rain but, at this time, concerns are low that it will affect health of the crop and supply.
OkraEl SalvadorMarJunSupply and pricing are stable. No significant adverse conditions are plaguing supply and production.
AvocadoMexicoTwice per yearMar/OctFruit is of good size and quality. Crop yields came in as expected
Blended OilsVariesYear roundYear roundSpeculation is driving pricing higher along with issues overseas with dry weather and labor strikes. Hopefully this will be a short term issue but expect a volatile Q1 2021.
MangoMexicoJunAugVolume fell short of expectations due to uneven fruit maturity in the fields. Less volume has led to a cost increase on the Kent variety.
Arborio/ Carnaroli RiceItalyJulAugRaw material price increased due to higher demand and lower availability.
Olive OilSpainNovMarHigher worldwide demand and no carryover stock led to price pressure as all major producing countries except Spain have lower crop yields.
Green OlivesSpainOctDecA short harvest for manzanilla and gordal (queen) varieties led to high raw material costs.
ArtichokesPeruJulOctRaw material costs were up 10% vs 2019.
MushroomsHollandYear roundYear roundCompost and labor costs were up 10-15% leading to cost adjustments in base pricing.

Logisitics Update


2020 was an abnormal year in freight because of COVID-19, and at this rate, 2021 is proving to be equally unpredictable.   

Due to persistent strong cargo demand, most ocean carriers have deployed additional vessels, leading to infrastructure challenges in US ports. The port congestion combined with COVID-19 related workforce constraints has led to massive delays and a high number of vessels waiting at anchorage to berth, ultimately resulting in much needed empty containers not returning to origin fast enough and the vessel schedule reliability is suffering. Particularly hard hit is China to Savannah trade, with 26.4% reliability.   

COVID-19 cases are on the rise again and many places are locking down again. The introduction of a vaccine may bring back some sense of normalcy, but it is still too early to tell. Additionally, the inauguration of a new United States president could have some impact on Asia to United States freight trends and rates. While I expect the situation to ease slightly during the Chinese New Year break, I expect the severe equipment imbalance and subsequent record high ocean freight costs to last until end of Q2 2021.  

Quick adaptation and flexibility have been two saving graces as we navigate these uncertain waters. COVID-19 has caused irregular shifts in trends and cycles for most industries, freight included. Although rates are at record-breaking highs and capacity at unprecedented lows, Savor shipments have continued to move with regular flow. Delays have been common, but we have not seen any major halts or service interruptions.