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Dot Foods—Your Sourcing Solution for Domestic and Imported Products

Redistribution makes a difference to every link in the supply chain, allowing products to move more efficiently and cost-effectively from the manufacturer to end-user.

In the United States, many distributors are not large enough to regularly order from manufacturers in large enough quantities to make sense for all parties involved, or those distributors can’t store large amounts of products for long periods of time.

The Dot Foods Difference

But at Dot Foods, our size and scale allow us to buy full truckloads of products from manufacturers and consolidate those items in our 11 distribution centers across the country.

We then sell these products in less-than-truckload (LTL) quantities to distributors weekly. We’re unique in the sense that we can consolidate dry, frozen, and refrigerated products on one truck, allowing customers to access a larger assortment of items from a variety of temperatures.

This allows distributors and national account operators to get the exact products in the quantities they need and in a shorter window than going direct to the manufacturer. It also improves inventory turns, space utilization, and cash flow.

About Dot Foods

While Dot was started in the back of the Tracy family’s station wagon in Mt. Sterling, Illinois, in 1960, we aren’t a small mom and pop anymore.

We distribute both domestic and imported products to all 50 states and 39 countries. Through our Savor Imports company, we import products from 32 countries to give our customers a variety of specialty, ethnic, and gourmet import options so they can select the items that fit their needs.

In total, we have 131,000 products to choose from, 44,000 of which are stocked with a 2–4 day lead time.

The Dot Expressway®

All products are available to peruse on our ecommerce platform, the Dot Expressway. This makes searching for products, finding nutritional information, and reviewing the product details easy to do 24/7.

Take a look at Savor’s pantry of (almost 500!) products by clicking here. New to the Expressway? Click here to register.