September Savor Scoop – Elevated Steak Sauces

The Scoop » September Savor Scoop – Elevated Steak Sauces

Spicy. Herby. Umami. Explore endless possibilities.

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Many menus feature a steak of some sort. So how do you catch the attention of someone who loves steak but wants something unique? 

Global sauces are the answer. The world is full of cuisines that are unique, with mouth-watering combinations of flavors we don’t always experience in our corner of the world. Try herb-forward chimichurri, spicy Asian-inspired sauces, or a unique balsamic your customers won’t find anywhere else.

Adding a sauce to your menu is simple with Savor Imports. Let us make a delicious sauce, we’ll let you wow your guests. Get some inspiration on how to amp up your steak sauce offering here.

The world’s pantry of sauces is available on your next Dot truck.