The Scoop » 5 Ways To Incorporate Calabrian Peppers Into Your Menu

Where do Calabrian peppers fit on my menu?

Calabrian peppers are all the rage on menus right now. Adding this sought-after pepper doesn’t require menu reinventions with these five ideas that mesh seamlessly with existing recipes.

1. Spice up a pizza

Pizza is a classic usage for Calabrian peppers.

2. Add a unique Arrabbiata sauce

Blend whole Calabrians into your classic red sauce recipe for a zingy alternative.

3. Showcase a Bomba du Calabrese pasta

Check out Chef Don’s video on making Bomba pepper spread the star of your very own pasta dish. Savor Imports Bomba Pasta

4. Pair it with pork

Add Calabrians to an Italian-inspired BBQ sauce and slather it on for spicy, sticky, sensational ribs.

5. Add it to salads

Adding Calabrians to your menu can be as simple as adding them to a favorite salad or antipasto.

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